Cork Stick Pop Up

Turn any boilie or tiger nut into a popup.

Cork sticks

Take a 6mm wood drill bit and simply drill half way into your standard boilie, taking care not to split the bait. We prefer to use a wood drill bit as these are very sharp and feature a nice point, which makes drilling easier.

making popups, carp fishing, cork sticks

cork sticks, carp fishing, pop ups, rig making

Take one of our 6mm cork sticks or 6mm cork plugs and gently push into the drilled hole of the bait, then snip off flush.

Cork stick rig, carp rigs, king of the pond, korda, fox

Next take a sharp pointed baiting needle and gently push a neat hole through the back of the bait and through the middle of the cork plug, once you get through take the needle back out and this time using a small gated needle go back through the hole made and pull the hair of your rig through the bait, add your bait stop and you have a finished wafter or pop up rig depending on the size of your bait.

carp fishing rigs

 You can alter the buoyancy, by adding a shot on the hair if need be.

pop up rig, carp fishing, king of the pond, carp rigs