Naked Chod

As the name suggest's a naked chod is simply a chod rig setup that is placed directly on your mainline, however it is normally better fished on fluorocarbon mainline or leader, due to its weight and transparency in water and also its abrasion resistance.

Take a length of fluoro, here we are using our F-link fluoro leader material, then using a quick clip, tie this on at one end. Next slide on a heli buffer bead or I prefer a clear tail rubber down over the clip, this is the lead end which enables you to change lead size quickly. 

Clear lead clips, quick change swivels, carp rigs, chod rig, nash tackle

Then sliding a medium tungsten sinker onto the F-link about 6" from the quick clip, next take a tapered tungsten bead and thread on with the big bore hole first and push down onto the medium sinker.

Tungsten sinker, carp fishing, king of the pond, korda hooks

Tungsten beads, carp rigs, carp fishing, chod rig, korda hooks

Now slide on another medium sinker, followed by your chod section, and then a final tungsten bead.

tungsten beads, tungsten sinkers, carp fishing, carp rigs, king of the pond, chod rig

Sharp carp hook, carp hooks, chod rig, ronnie rig, carp rigs, king of the pond, korda tackle

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chod rig, carp fishing, carp hooks, korda products

chod rigs, carp hooks, spinner rig, flouro carbon leader, big carp, king of the pond

Now the setup is nearly complete, all you need to do is attach your leader to your mainline using a Albright knot which not only is a very strong knot but its nice and thin in diameter so should your mainline snap, this allows both the beads and the chod rig to come off the leader, ensuring a safer rig.

albright knot, alberto knot, carp rigs, leadfree leader, braid, carp rigs, king of the pond

There you have your finished rig. I always prefer to use quick change chod sections so I can change the rig very quickly without the need to break down the whole leader and removing beads etc and in the picture below I have also put a tungsten bead of the crook of the size 11 quick change swivel.

Naked chod rig, king of the pond hooks, carp hooks, tungsten beads, tungsten sinkers