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Welcome to our new updated website

February 01, 2017

Welcome to our new website!

We had been thinking about updating our old site for quite some time now, and wanted to not only make buying our products easier, but wanted to bring you a nice clean clutter free site with great new features, info, updates and offers.

We still aim to design and produce high quality products, made for form and function and not just for the sake of high profit margins.

Being truly passionate with what we do and why we do it, is the key behind every product we stock and sell.

All of our products are throughly tested a long time before we even think about selling them and simple to say if they do not meet the high standards from our fussy team, then they never  get to see the light of day.

We want you to have 100% confidence in anything you purchase from KOTP, as having faith and belief in angling is a major part of the jigsaw, and thats why we offer you to simply return any product you are not completely satisfied with.

Hopefully you will like the new site and enjoy looking around.

Many Thanks

Mark @ KOTP

Ballons over the lake

February 23, 2023

Lots of ballons flying over the lake today :)

Time for a new camera

May 28, 2023

Think its time to upgrade the old camera :)

New products due in very soon!!

February 17, 2017

Big thank you to everyone that has signed up to our mailing list and all the customers old and new that have left us some feedback on how they like the new site!

We are happy to say that we are due in a few new items, that we have been playing with for the past 6 months.... and they will be in stock very soon.


Watch this space :)


Mark @ KOTP 

Spring has finally spung

March 01, 2017

Well, the warm weather is finally with us! and with sales of products up by 30%, lots of you are either busy tying rigs ready to get out on the banks, or are out already wetting a line.

Our newly added tungsten anti tangle sleeves, have proved to be a winning product, with our stock of them running out very quickly.

We are also selling lots of zig based items such as our foams and zig line, and sadly all our dumbbell zig foams are now out of stock, but we are awaiting new stock to arrive very soon, but still have plenty of the round zig foams in stock.

Also in the hands of our testers is a new leader material, and hook link, which so far is going down very well, and all being well should be ready to purchase in the very near future.

Following on from our "in the test" items we have something very special we are playing with and will definitely please a lot of people... watch this space!

New stock due in any day....

April 22, 2017

Seems everywhere you look on social media, there is fish being caught everywhere, and hopefully you are all getting in on the action!

Our Bank holiday sale was a crazy one, and sadly left us with a few items out of stock, BUT due in this week, is our stock of putty, new stock of dumbbell zig foams, more hook kickers and a few other nice bits.

We will be also be taking new stock of our Dark Stripbac hook link which will be in stock very soon, and will be available in both 20lb & 25lb and also our drop down lead-free leader material will be making a come back.

Please remember, to stay up to date with more info and new products etc,  click on our mailing list and sign up.

Tight Lines


Busy, busy, busy...

April 30, 2017

Been very busy at KOTP HQ lately with lots of fresh stock coming in and going back out as quick as we can stock it!

Our Putty came and now sadly due to high demand is now back out of stock :( seems to be a big hit with lots of guys, but we do have more on back order and should be due in soon.

After a long wait our drop down leader is now in stock and has also proved to be quite popular, so if you haven't tried it and you are looking for a nice supple, easy to splice leader, you cant go far wrong.

We are also working on doing lots more product vids and in general getting our youtube channel updated on a weekly basics, being as we haven't really done anything with it for well over a year, so if you are interested in seeing more underwater videos, and everything carp, then be sure to add us to your youtube list and also join our mailing list for updates etc.

Moving back onto the tackle front, we are getting lots of people asking us about PVA products which we will be updating our range and stocking very soon.

All the best

Mark @ KOTP

Too hot for fishing!

June 30, 2017

We have been enjoying some nice hot spells lately here in the uk, and although its great for the mind and soul, its pretty pants for fishing!

Fish just don't seem that interested in eating when the temps are very high and just like to cruise around on the surface, with this in mind the best way to get a chance to catch one of two is either a bit of floater fishing or with the zigs.

Zigs prove to be a very popluar and we have been selling lots of zig foams, and lots of our zig and floater hook link which sadly now is out of stock, but new stock should be arriving very soon.

Couple of nice new bits will be with us very soon, and we will be letting you know asap.

All the best

Its been a while....

September 30, 2017

Its been a while since we have updated our news reel, but behind the scenes it's still ALL go!

Product wise, we are now fully stocked, apart from our tungsten putty, which sadly due to high demand we just cant keep it in stock, but more is due in very soon.

New hooks..... our new hooks that we have been testing for the past 6 months are finally in stock and not only are they selling very well, they are also catching a lot of fish, if you have brought and used our old hooks, you will truly love these, pin sharp, very strong and still wont burn a hole in your pocket.

Fluorocarbon lovers will love our new fluoro leader material, that has just been stocked onto the site, available in both a 25lb & 30lb, it too is also selling very well.

As a big thank you to all our loyal customers that support us, we will soon be offering a loyalty scheme, where we will be giving you something back in return for your purchases, watch this space for more info.

Hope you are out there doing it.....tight lines King of the Pond

New Hooks, New Sizes

November 01, 2017

Our long shanks hook are finally in stock and will be added to the site very soon! 

We have also included an in-between size 5's to our range of curve shank and chod hooks which will also be available soon.

With the colder weather setting in, we will be adding our pike products back on the site once we get a chance.

Any questions please get in touch and we will be happy to help :)

Baby its cold outside!!

December 01, 2017

So winter is finally upon us, with heavy snow falling this week and temps dropping well below 0, it wont be long before the lakes freeze over!

Sadly this puts a stop to even the bravest of us and most guys will hang the carp rods up until the weather gets a tad better. Or if like us, you will turn to the rivers in search of some fish that like eating in the coldest of conditions. Bring on the chub and pike fishing :)

For those that are 100% pure carp anglers, you will still need that carpy fix over the colder months, the rig tying, the hunt for new carp vids on youtube, the hourly scan of instagram and the magazine and book reading will still continue what ever the weather :)

Hopefully we will still be getting out to test out a few new bits we have in the pipe line, and will also be adding a few more videos to the website.

Catch up soon....King of the Pond

Another year done and dusted!

December 22, 2017

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us and big thanks to anyone that brought any of our products over the past year, without your continued custom, we wouldn't be trading! 


We will now be back to business the 3rd jan 2018, the website will still be open, but sadly no more orders will be dispatched now until we get back.


Thank you once again, see you soon :)


Mark @ King of the pond

A New Year

January 03, 2018

Back to business with a new year and a fresh start.

We have made a few little tweaks to our website, to ensure its easy to use and hopefully regular updates will make it more pleasing to come back to from time to time.

As many of our loyal customers know, we are not really into the constant emailing of offers and deals etc, etc.... we don't really like hassling people via social media and 'giving it the hard sale' pushing products down peoples throats, unlike many other tackle companies out there. 

However we always want to give our customers value for money, by trying to keep our costs competitive and occasionally, we do have a few FREE give away competitions here and there and the odd deal and special offer, so if you would like to hear about these deals and offers then please feel free to sign up to our mailing list.

As always we value your feedback, questions and suggestions, so please get in touch we'd love to hear from you.

All the best, KOTP

Come on spring!!!

February 01, 2018

If like me you would of had enough of this up and down winter weather that is just dragging on.. I cant wait until the weather gets a tad warmer ha ha!

Seems more guys are finally getting out, as sales are pretty good for this time of year, which in turn gives us less time to get out testing bits and bobs, hence the reason we were looking for a small handful of guys that could help us in doing so. (thanks to everyone that had applied we were quite shocked by the number of people that wanted to help)

Despite lack of marketing our hooks have sold very well and we are currently running quite low on stock at present, but hopefully new stock should be with us in the next couple of weeks, including a new pattern to the range :)

Also our long awaited putty stock will be with us next week along with fresh stock of our tungsten anti tangle sleeves.

Catch you all soon.


Still cold....

March 01, 2018

Sadly the weather is still not quite what were are expecting, with more snow and ice coming in, this surly makes our fishing trips tricky! Its always nice to try and get out and catch a snow carp, but come on, we need our spring to kick start!

Not a lot to report on the catch front, as only the brave and getting out and wetting a line, but tackle wise we have a few new bits and bobs in the pipeline.

More on this in the next news catch up! Speak soon.....

Fish are moving, feeding and being caught!

March 31, 2018

Well moving on from last time the snow has finally gone and we are having a few sunny days, with double figure temps, here and there, which in turn has got the fish moving about and looking for food, and hence making them easier to catch.

Quite a few guys have now dusted off the carp rods, now that the river season is closed. And quite a few nice catch reports are coming in, some even on our new test hooks that we are playing with :) So all being well we could be stocking these very soon.

The 2 new patterns we have been testing the past couple of weeks are a long curve shank with a unturned eye, which gives a nice aggressive gape, and helps the hook flip quicker, sure to be a great hit for spinner rigs.

The other pattern we have in, has already put a few nice fish on the bank, and the testers that have these are loving them straight away.

This hook is a short shank style hook which is very thick in the wire, so would be a great stalking, hit and hold type of hook, where you need some added strength, and need to pile on the pressure to get them fish away from snags.

We also have our tungsten sinkers in an XL size now, the standard large & medium have been selling very well, so thought we would add a bigger size to the range, so these will be added to the site this week.

Keep checking back on a regular basics, and have a look at the catch reports as we are adding to it every week. And as always if you have caught any fish on products, please do share them and send them to us at : info@kingofthepond.com

Tight Lines and speak soon Mark @ KOTP

Coming soon!

April 30, 2018

If you follow us on social media, you will have seen that we have been playing with a new coated hook link.

Over the past few years, our coated hook links have proven to be very popular, and for a while we wanted to add a brown colour to the range, along side our dark green and camo versions.

It has taken a year of testing colours and materials, and now we have a working sample that we are very happy with.

The new brown hook link will be a stiff coated braid, and will be available in 3 different breaking strains, and will be available soon.

Been a busy hot couple of months

June 30, 2018

Well, we have been so busy the past couple of months, we haven't even had the time to update the news feed or get around uploading any images to our twitter or Instagram pages :(

Im going to be 100% honest, Ive had enough of this hot sticky weather, and looking forward to when it cools down a tad, ha ha.

We was hoping to get some video content uploaded to our youtube channel too, but sadly just haven't had the time, as we are constantly, sorting and sending out orders, but we promise there will be some new stuff coming soon.


Tackle wise our new hooklink is proving to be working very well and fingers crosses we should have stock very soon. Also we will be having a couple of new design tee's in stock very soon too so watch this space.

Tight lines, Mark 

Wow... Winter is here!

September 30, 2018

This year has flown by, 1 minute it was baking hot, now we are getting ready for what could be a long cold winter!

Fishing is only going to get harder as the fish slow down and start eating less, meaning catching them is going to be a bit more tricky.

If you are planing on getting out in the colder months, be sure to grab one of our wooly hats or even one of our hoodies to help keep you warm.

Good luck, speak soon. Mark @ KOTP

Out of sight, out of mind

March 01, 2019

If you have followed us for some time, you will know that we are quite social media shy, not because we don't want people to buy our products, more so we don't want to keep pushing our products into peoples faces day in day out!

It does get a little bit boring, seeing tackle firms constantly telling you that you need to buy the best, sharpest hooks ever made or the best putty on the planet that is the stickiest thing know to man.

However our lack of social media updates, be it via facebook, twitter, insta and even our own website, does not mean we are slacking or taking a back seat! far from it in fact, we are still grinding the gears behind close doors.

We are constantly trying to improve things overall and rather than depend on other people, we have worked very hard the past 8 months or so to bring production in house, which not only gives us total control (we are control freaks) it allows us to do things much quicker and in the long term we will be able to offer much more.

Some of you that visit our website every now and then and buy a few bits from us, will notice a very slight price increase on a few things, as sadly some of our production costs have gone up!

We fully understand that this will push away a few customers, as the tackle industry is very price driven and if guys can save a pound here and there, they will purchase it else where.

Sadly we have no option on this, other than to use cheaper products, in which case we would not be willing to do so. and would rather put KOTP to bed. We stand by what we sell and fingers crossed you do to :) however if this has effected you and you now go else where, we would like to thank you for your past custom and hopefully in the future we can win you back.

There are a few new bits due very soon, and if you wanted to stay in the loop on these, then please sign up to our mailing list, as our website is our first port of call and you will get to see these before it would finally get on to social media.

Thanks for taking to time to read this, tight lines Mark @ KOTP

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